A Fountain Pen Is the Better Option

Because fountain pens were around before the more modern ballpoint pen they are considered outdated, difficult to use and prone to leaking everywhere. In fact, fountain pens are not only easier to write with than their more modern counterparts they also produce a more consistent line on the page. There are a number of reasons why a fountain pen is the better option when choosing an implement to write with.

The fact that fountain pens are refillable makes them an environmentally friendly option. Everything is disposable these days and that includes the cheap plastic pen that gets tossed into the bin when the ink runs out. Some fountain pens have been around for many decades and are still in perfect working order. When the ink runs out they are simply refilled and you can carry on writing. Even the cheap Waterman Phileas fountain pen will continue to work for decades saving the need to pollute our landfill with plastic discards.

Manufacturers of fountain pens have been very clever in varying the exterior designs of their pens. So much so that it is possible to have a different fountain pen that will match your wardrobe no matter what you are wearing on any given day.

Not everyone likes to use the same sized nibs. Even plastic pens give you a choice of a fine or a medium nib. With fountain pens the choice is much wider with most fountain pens available in five different sizes from extra fine to double broad. In the case of some pens, such as the Parker 75 fountain pen, the choice of nibs exceeded 50. There should be something that appeals among that lot.

Just about every ballpoint pen I have ever used has gone through a stage where it will skip while it is being used. This problem has been widely accepted as normal behavior these days but it is something that just never happens with a fountain pen. Fountain pens produce a continuous line across the page as long as the nib is in contact with the paper. It is this smooth and effortless ease that attracts followers and keeps them.

You should be careful trying your hand t using a fountain pen because once you give it a go you may never want to go back to the old plastic pen again.

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