A Cool Way To Get Some Storage

When it comes to getting some extra storage for the home, you usually think about storage boxes or even storage trunks but have you thought about taking a look at modular storage cubes? storage cubes come in all kinds of shapes and sizes in many versions are designed to stack on top of each other and lock-in so they are stable and can also double as other kinds of furniture. So let’s take a look at some different kinds of storage cubes and see if they can take care of your furniture and your storage needs at the same time.

Stackable storage cubes – these types of storage cubes are built to be able to be stacked on top of one another in a secure method. Either the tops of them will be recessed so that the next one will fit right into it or they will be some type of latch mechanism to hook them together. This is a great way to build yourself an end table or even a coffee table that has built-in storage cubbies.

Modular storage cubes – these are just like stackable storage cubes but with the added dimension that they can also be secured to other cubes that are next to them. This difference is important as you can now build larger pieces of furniture that will fit around corners in the room and windows. One example is that you can build yourself an entertainment center that will have plenty of storage for your DVD player, your game machine, and your stereo system.

Wire storage cubes – these types of storage cubes are more decorative in nature as they generally will not stack more than a few units high but can be great to use in areas like the bathroom is there perfect for storing towels and wash cloths and other bathroom items.

So when you need a little bit more storage in the home and could also use another piece of furniture and take a look at storage cubes as they can take care of both needs.

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