A CertaPro Commercial Painter Can Be a Property Manager’s Best Friend

A commercial property painting project can be a daunting task even under the best of circumstances. There are so many things to consider. If you’re painting inside, deciding on what color to paint the walls is only half the project. There’s the trim—stain the wood or paint it? There’s the budget—what kind of paint to buy and how much? Do you need a primer? Can you collect on a few debts and get some friends to help?

It’s all very complicated, and for a busy property manager, it can be a bit much. If you’re considering a painting project or just about to start one, before you pick up that paint brush or buy yet another can of paint, consider hiring a commercial painter.

A CertaPro commercial painter is professionally trained. Hiring him means saving yourself time and money. Do-it-yourself painting projects can go way over budget: extra trips to the paint store for more brushes and paint and tarps, unexpected mold in the closet and termites under the eaves. Time spent dealing with repairs you didn’t anticipate means additional time on a project meant to take a few days and not a few weeks. CertaPro’s professional painting contractor can help you avoid these problems and a whole lot more.

A stitch in time


A professional commercial painter knows how to plan a quality painting project to get the job done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Whatever the size of your home, experience has taught him how many painters he’ll need to hire to finish the work on time.

He knows all the tricks of the trade, the short cuts to take that save time without sacrificing quality. He can look at your home and with an experienced eye see a soffit that needs to be replaced or insect damage that will need to be treated before work can begin. His team is fast and efficient because, just as you are an expert at what you do, he is an expert at his work as well.


Money in your pocket

Because he’s a professional commercial painter, he knows how to estimate the amount of primer and paint he’ll need to do the job properly. He budgets from preparation to clean up, and everything in between. As site supervisor, he leads his crew through tapping the windows and laying the tarps to protecting plants and exterior decorations, through painting and finally clean-up. His budget is his bond and he covers out-of-pocket costs of unforeseen situations for which he couldn’t plan. He finishes on time and on budget and never charges you more than what was is on his contract.

Safety above all

Safety comes first with a CertaPro commercial painter. He and his crew have participated in many hours of up-to-date safety training. Everyone is aware of the kinds of accidents that can happen on a job site, and they take extra precautions to limit their risk. As a professional he’s licensed and bonded, so if the unforeseen should happen, you are never liable.

Hire a CetaPro commercial painter and you hire a professional who has industry experience and knows the right tool for the right job, delivering a finished product you can be proud of.

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