8 Tips for Surviving Long Haul Flights

If you were to talk to most travelers who are about to embark upon a long-haul flight you would most likely hear feelings of dread.  It can be very uncomfortable to fly 10 – 20 hours with no concrete plan in place.  Below are 8 tips that can help you not only survive your long flight but also actually look forward to it.

Tip #1 – The night before your flight intentionally deprive yourself of sleep.  The more sleep deprived you are, the easier it will be for you to go to sleep.  Time passes by much faster when we’re asleep.

Tip #2 – Take along your favorite books for reading but be sure it’s the page turning fictional novels.  This is not the time to challenge yourself intellectually with technical books.

Tip #3 – Refrain from clocking time and its best to remove your watch as you board the flight.  Looking at time will make it appear as if it has slowed down.

Tip #4 – Wear layered clothing.  Absolutely nothing makes a long-haul flight more unpleasant than being cold.  Cabin temperatures are notorious for fluctuating and wearing layered clothing is your way to ensure that you maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your flight.

Tip #5 –  Watch your favorites movies.  How fast time passes when you’re completely engrossed in one of your favorite movies.  This is an easy way to knock out your trip in two-hour chunks.

Tip #6 – Don’t travel without an IPod.  This little traveling tool help to lull you to sleep and drown out the sounds of the engines loud roar.  Also, consider buying an adapter that helps to extend the battery life.

Tip #7 – Travel with a partner.  There’s nothing like being engaged in an interesting conversation with your best friend or spouse that helps make a trip more pleasurable.  Meeting strangers on flight can be fun but its not quite like sharing the experience with someone you know well.

Tip #8 – Buy a travel pillow.  Travel pillows are relatively inexpensive plus they are able to provide the comfort and support you need traveling.  We have found that the inflatable travel pillows work best and the most comfortable.

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